Should I Buy a Wig or Get a Sew-in Hair Extensions?

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The question calls for an inquiry into what you want to achieve and what your requirements and limitations are. Getting a sew-in or hair extensions can be extremely costly, while purchasing a wig can be cheaper. Therefore, price is a major factor. Hair extensions, if done professionally, can cost a total of $300. Even if they are done by your next door neighbor, they may cost you $50 to $60 bucks. Not to mention, purchasing the hair, depending on the brand and amount of packs, can be another $40 to $100.

wigs or hair extensions


When you get hair extensions, you are stuck with that being your main style for a couple of weeks or months. If you need or want to style your natural hair, you are out of luck. Well, technically you can take them out early, but that is tons of money down the drain. A typical scenario is paying $180 for braids to last the entire summer but suddenly face a dilemma because you would rather have that fresh perm for this executive interview. Well, maybe you should have considered a wig.

Getting a sew-in, braids, or other styles involving hair extensions have two major differences as opposed to buying a wig: time and money.
Hair extensions are time consuming. The process of putting them in your hair takes hours. As mentioned earlier, they are normally left in for considerably long periods of time. On the other hand, a wig is more convenient. It takes a couple of seconds to put on a wig. In addition, you don’t face dilemmas on being stuck with it because you can take it off whenever or switch it up whenever you please.

wigs or hair extensions

Hair extensions

Wigs also cost less than a sew-in. Wigs can start off at $19.99. As mentioned above, an at-home sew-in can start at $50, not including the hair. Most of the time, you have to buy more than one packet of hair if you want your full hair sewn-in. If one packet of hair costs $30, two would be $60. The scary part is, many women will tell you that is “cheap.” A lot of women buy brands like Remy, which start of at $80 a pack.

wigs or hair extensions

Wigs hair before and after

You don’t have to be a math expert to realize that you can buy four or five wigs for the cost of one sew-in.

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