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Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451 Review

Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451
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  • Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451
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  • Last modified: April 6, 2020

Review Summary:

Wahl 5-Star Magic Hair Clipper is a professionally used hair clipper. As one of the famous Wahl hair clippers, it comes with the powerful, yet cool-running, V5000 motor, providing enough power to cut the thickest more resistant hair. The clipper also includes taper or texture; easy lever adjusts to fade and high-precision blades which adjust to “zero-overlap”. It has the additional features like Powerful yet cool running and the Variable taper and texture which helps your hair for styling your hair and the Blades adjust according to the need and demands of the user or professionals. This clipper has got all the features one could demand, and it also has the added guidance and instructions for the better and proper use.

Styling your hair is the concern of every other individual, so how come you do it, there are many gadgets available in the market. The problem also lies in the confusion of what to select and how to analyze the best possible gadget for your hair styling. Will it be efficient enough to cut the thickest part of your hair? Will the texture provided by it or the paper is included in it. And many other questions would have risen in your mind.

The answer to your entire question is Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451. It will be the best gadget you must have opted from the lot. This hair clipper has all the facilities that one could ask for. You will also be confident enough to buy this powerful yet cool running Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451, which is professional and best hair clipper.

Product Features

Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451

Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451

1. Hinged Storage Case with Compartments

The clipper will not make your space dusty and dirty. It has storage compartments that will help you to keep your place clean and hygienic, and you can dispose all the waste directly into the dustbin. No need to broom after using the hair clipper.

2. Variable Taper and Texture

The clipper has taper and texture, which will enhance the styling of your hair. It is the additional feature provided in this hair clipper so that you need not spend extra penny into other gadgets.

3. Powerful yet Cool Running

The clipper is very powerful that it has v5000 motor, yet it cool running technology. It doesn’t get heated once you started using it. It can be convenient for the user and can also be helpful to saloon people who use this on their customers.

4. Extremely Adjustable Blades

While using this clipper, the blades get adjusted according to the users need and demand; so that user can style their hair accordingly.

5. Bundled Packaging

The additional needed equipment or utilities are also provided along with this hair clipper like the hair styling comb or blade cleaning brush. It will help you to maintain the durability of this product. And also, the instruction and guidance are provided for the better and proper use.

6. Product Warranty

If while using this product if you find any difficulty or problem or even it gets faulted or stop working, the manufacturer provides the warranty to repair the product in the limited term of one year.

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Pros & Cons


  • Cost-effective: Compared to the previous models, this product is priced slightly in the higher range. However, there are reasons associated with the pricing; it is free from all the previous knickknacks. Compared to the preceding model, this clipper is a better option.
  • Serves the money-saving purpose: The main reason for choosing professional hair clippers for families and homes is that you can save money on the expensive salon visits. This hair clipper is available for sale under $$, which means with all the features, you still aren’t paying too much.
  • High-quality: The manufacturer has increased the quality of this hair clipper and has saved a lot of money on the manufacturing. This hair clipper is free from all possible knickknacks, which most people would want to avoid during their purchase. Unlike the amateur model, this Wahl 5-star magic professional hair clipper (model 8451) does not tend to jam up at all.
  • Powerful: With a “V5000″ motor, this hair clipper is much more powerful and professional than the consumer model. These clippers are just perfect for your family needs. If you have a child whose hair is so thick that the ‘home’ products could not handle it very nicely, these clippers handle his hair with ease. They are powerful and tight in every way. Sharp, quiet, precise and cool running are all words that describe this outstanding product.
  • Additional Benefits Provided: The clipper is sold with the many additional utilities and equipment provided. It has the guidance and instruction provided on it; this could help the new user about how to use it and enhance the use of existing user.
  • Durable and long lasting: It also includes the styling comb and lubricating oil, using this thing and maintaining this clipper will help maintain its durability, and it will also last long. And the best advantage you have on this is you don’t need to spend any extra penny for all the other benefits.


  • Little heating problem: Though it has the powerful and yet cool running motor it still has the little heating problem. The customer survey report has known it, but this is on the very minuscule level, unlike other clippers which have a major heating problem while in use.

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While going through research for the Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451, it was found that this clipper has been interestingly marked or rated as an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only complaints that were from customers are it gets slightly heats up but unlike another clipper which gets heats up very quickly and hair, the clipper will get heated in some way or the other. Other than that it works awesome and highly recommended. The test was conducted on the sample of 100 customers.

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