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Using Hair Spray the Right Way

spraying the hair

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As a child, we always wanted to try different hair products that our moms are using. It is always amusing how they style their hair using great hair products and accessories. However, when we were just little girls, adults restricted us from using these products. They say that these hair products are bad for our hair and have some harmful chemicals that can get through our scalp. Have you ever heard of it during your childhood days? It is kind of disappointing as you always wanted to style your hair just like theirs. Those were the golden memories of yesterday. Now, have you ever wondered if you are using these hair products properly today?

Nowadays, there is a rapid change in styling your hair. Short hair may be in today, but it may no longer be the case tomorrow. Curly hair may be in tomorrow but not for next month. You see, these changes are rapidly and steadily changing. It is always helpful to keep some hair products handy for everyday use and for special occasions too. In this article, you will learn the hair products that you should have and the proper use of hair spray.

Here are some of the hair products you should have and why:

  1. Curling Iron– if you will go to a party, curly long hair is always a stunning one.
  2. Hair Straighteners– if you want to flaunt your shiny hair, this product will help you do it flawlessly but be sure to buy the good one.
  3. Keratin Oil- this is a must have if your hair has heat and chemical damages.
  4. Curling Rollers- this is a woman must have, in cases curling iron is not at hand or out of electricity.
  5. Hair Leave in Conditioner– if you are on the go, this product is made for convenience!
  6. Hair blower– nothing beats a newly blown hair! Have you ever wonder why your hair cut looks amazing after a day at the salon?
  7. Brush– always keep this handy because it is your hair’s best friend!
  8. Hair Spray– if you want to style your hair, this product is very helpful in the finishing touch.

These products are all useful to everyone especially for children. However, these products must be used properly for safety measures,and to have that desired output you always wanted! If you have used these products improperly, there might be some dangers you will be facing such as burnt hair, over curled hair, damaged scalp, split ends, and many more undesirable effects on your hair and scalp.

In order to prevent these damages, you need to use these products carefully and learn the proper way. Let we discussed first how to use a hair spray properly with the following tricks that you will find below.

Tips on Using Hair Spray Properly:

Tip #1: Pick the hair spray that is suitable for your hair

Do not just pick the first hair spray that catches your eyes. It is always better to check the label and read it carefully, especially if you have some allergies to some chemicals. Purchase the right kind of hair spray that is suitable for the hairstyle you wanted.

Tip #2: Apply the hair spray with the nozzle away from your hair

Do not directly apply the hair spray to your hair, or else you will just end up having sticky hair. Put away the nozzle around 12 inches away from your hair before applying.

Tip #3: Use hair spray after you blow dry your hair

If you want to keep a shiny output after a blow dry, you should try and apply hair spray for a more desirable output.

Tip #4: Do not use hair spray during oily days

If you are suffering from oily hair days, do not use hair spray, or else your hair will turn into a shinier but unnatural look.

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Tip #5: Apply hair spray after styling to hold the style

After a braid, curl, or a bun, you should apply hair spray to hold the style of your hair.

Tip #6: Do not directly apply on hair as it damages the scalp

Keep spraying away from your hair so the hair spray won’t land in your scalp to prevent damaging it.

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