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Using Hair Extensions the Right Way

The hair is our crowning glory. Who would want to walk outside with your hair exposed awkwardly to the rest of the world? It will definitely be a walk of shame! Good thing that due to the creative juices of people, there are already solutions to this kind of fashion emergency. Making use of hair extension is one of the answer. Hair extensions can be traced back to the golden era of Cleopatra. Historians taught us that Ancient Egypt is one of the greatest civilizations in the past so, it wouldn’t be a surprise if hair extensions were already used back then.  As years passed, the quality and the material being used to manufacture hair extensions evolved. Currently, there are already different types of hair extensions. Although hair extensions are no longer new to the fashion industry, but still, there are people who are hesitant to wear them simply because hair extensions are:

  1. Expensive upon installment and on maintenance
  2. Not easy to get used to
  3. Head can feel heavier and (of course),
  4. It will look awkward if not applied properly.

This article will give you some light on these worries and might convince you to get your first hair extension.

How to use hair extensions correctly?

Hair extensions can be a total life saver if applied correctly. It can add length and it can also give you the “voluminous and healthy hair” look, a vibrant hair color and highlights if you prefer! To sum it up, it can enhance your look drastically. To achieve this, you must first be equipped with the right knowledge in order to save yourself from traumatic experiences with hair extensions.

Keep it Natural

If you gotta fake it, then at least try to get it closer to what’s real. As much as possible, invest on real hair extensions. There are synthetic hair extensions out there, and although synthetic hair also has its edge, real hair extensions can help keep your faking as natural as possible because it is versatile and can be styled however you like it. If you have the luxury to spend cash on both types then go ahead! Two is better than one right? Again, Keep it natural and don’t overdo it.

Choose your color wisely

There are two types of person: edgy and conventional. If you are the conventional one, then you’ll prefer to stick to your natural attributes so that you wouldn’t catch much unsolicited attention. Here’s a tip, in choosing a color for your hair extension, choose a shade darker than your natural locks. Then, apply it on the bottom layer of your hair where hair color is expected to be darker than the top layer. Well, edgy types can choose whatever color they like, and they can flaunt it with style, but whether you opt for an edgy look or a natural look, you can always get the desired color for your extension by having it professionally colored in a salon.

Pre-condition your hair

Using hair extension doesn’t mean that you’ll simply have to place it on top of your untamed hair. Remember to always blend it out with your hair so that it wouldn’t look unflattering. To do this, always condition your hair. If you’re rooting for curly hair extensions, be sure to curl your hair beforehand. If you’re into straight hair extensions, flatten your hair with hair iron. For a more natural look, curl or straighten your hair along with the extension so that it wouldn’t look like it’s sitting on top of your head. Caution: To maintain the quality of your hair extension, be sure to apply heat protection before heat styling. The same goes with our real hair. 

Also, if you have fine hair, tease your hair so that the clip of the hair extension won’t fall out. This trick will also work if you have a clean hair.

Apply finishing touches

If your extension doesn’t match the length of your hair, feel free to trim it down! Don’t forget to use hairspray and styling products to keep the hairstyle in place but never use too much.

Practice makes perfect

Using hair extension is not that easy but with enough practice, you’ll surely learn how to use it properly. So, go ahead and start artfully faking your locks. You’ll look a whole lot better with that crown on.

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