Unisex Short Hair Styles You Should Try Out This Summer

A good haircut is a great way to show off your features and to compliment your outfit on any occasion. In fact the haircut you have can say a lot about you and not to mention that the summertime creates some problems too. For the summer it’s great to have short hair because it keeps the heat away and helps to keep your head nice and cool. We didn’t want to exclude either men or women so we decided to choose some great unisex short haircuts for both men and women. Keep reading and find out what the best short hairstyles are for the summer that suit both men and women.

The Blant Haircut

This is a great haircut for both men and women because it keeps the head cool during the summer and looks really stylish too. This is a great haircut for people with straight hair and it serves to complement a great face with a strong jaw line. This haircut, while being short is also great creating some much needed volume. If you are looking for a great summer time unisex haircut then the Blant haircut is the way to go.


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The Shag Haircut

This is a really great haircut for both men and women, especially for the summer because the short hair will keep the head nice and cool. It’s a good haircut because it works well for all styles and types of hair and all you have to do is to put some gel in your hair and let it air dry in any direction that you want.


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The Pixie Cut

This is a great unisex summer haircut for people that want short hair because it helps to elongate the neck and also helps to embolden the cheek bones and the law line as well. Even though it’s called the pixie cut, this was originally a man’s haircut. This haircut also puts the focus on your eyes and eyebrows so it is perfect for showing off that sexy face. You will most likely need hair thinning scissors to make this haircut really work.


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John Travolta Style Haircut From “Grease”             

This is a great summer time haircut and it looks really neat too. This hairstyle was made famous by Travolta in the movie “Grease”. It features short side hair with overflowing hair on the top and in the front. It is a great haircut to make the face and the eyes stand out and you can even add a feminine twist to it to make it perfect for women. It is a great hairstyle to add some volume to your hair in the case that you have thin hair. It’s also great because this hairstyle is very easily manageable.


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The Military Haircut

This is a really neat haircut and it is quite out there too. Many women may not want to have really short hair to the point of it looking like they were in the military, but then again there are more and more women who have this haircut nowadays. Many people also like to mix this with bleach blonde hair to make it really stand out.

The Dandy Haircut

This haircut is great for both men and women because it is old school and it serves to show off the features of the face. It is great for people who like a slight flat top look and who have wavy or curly hair. The dandy haircut is easily managed using some gel or wax and is great for the summer.


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The Punk Haircut

This hairstyle features short or almost shaved sides and longer hair on top, usually spiked up with some gel or wax. There is also usually some coloring involved to make it really stand out. This hairstyle is great for both men and women because it helps to embolden the natural sexuality of both men and women. This is a great haircut for people who have any type and density of hair.


Photo Credit: http://www.buzzcutguide.com/short-hairstyles/

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