Split Ends

Top Causes of Split Ends

Hair is a reflection of what we want to portray. Our hairstyle shows the style we want, and it also serves as our identity. Whenever we aim for a new look, it is often the hair that does the trick; thus, taking care of it regularly is a mandatory thing to do.

However, what we see from others and online tempts us to temporarily try a new hairstyle, coloring our hair from brunette to blonde and red, bleaching it for emphasis of hair color, ironing it either with hair iron to make it poker straight, curly, or wavy, and so on.

With the frequent exposure of the hair to the heat and harsh chemicals, our hair then dies out its shiny look, causing frizz and the common dilemma of most people- split ends.

Split Ends

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Split ends refer to the splitting of the hair shaft due to the unhealthy chemicals incorporated in the hair and excessive heat. Split ends make hair unhealthy looking; hence, getting rid of it through trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks or eliminating the main causes is highly recommended.

It is best to know what causes it for you to prevent having split ends. Here are some of the top causes of split ends:

Blow Drying

Of course, nobody wants to get out of the house with damp hair. Your hair is not only prone to the sticking of dust, but it also makes you feel uncomfortable, knowing it wets your clothes. With that, you resort to drying your hair fast by blow drying it.

What most of us are unaware of is that blow drying produces heat. Since it is directly applied to our hair at a closer range, the heat tends to stick to the hair which eventually causes split ends.

Styling with Flat Iron or Curling Iron

Using of flat or curling iron helps you define the kind of hairstyle you want for your hair. Since you become enthralled by the wonders of the hair iron, you apply the heat on your hair on a daily basis.

Apparently, using of hair iron makes your hair dry due to the heat. It also causes hair breakage, including the ever annoying split ends.

Hair Coloring

While applying different colors to your hair whenever you feel like it, you slowly torture our hair until it becomes dull and full of split ends. Hair color products are composed of different ingredients, including the ones that destroy the hair.

Having different colors may be fun and exciting, but it also gives us extreme headache afterwards.

Using of Strong Shampoo

Applying strong shampoo frequently is the very reason why we get split ends. Use the mild ones instead to keep your hair free from damage.

Don’t experiment with shampoos way too much, and always make sure to read the contents before purchasing one. Only apply a minimal amount of shampoo on your head and make sure not to apply it directly on your scalp. Know more about shampoos to gain knowledge about it.

Shampoos that are SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)-free are much preferable to use since they lessens the chance of making your hair brittle and acquiring split ends.

Rubbing Your Hair with Towel

Going out of the restroom with wet hair can be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world; hence, you immediately rub your hair with a towel to dry it up a little. What you don’t know is that rubbing the towel on your hair is a form of friction which means a little heat is being produced.

Who knew that a simple act of rubbing your hair with a towel aids in giving your hair split ends? Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, just pat it and then wrap the towel around your hair.

Brushing Your Hair

Never brush your hair when it is wet since it is highly prone to breakage. Make sure to brush your hair as gently as possible once dry since vigorous brushing can destroy your hair.

Split Ends

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Before applying anything, make sure to know what products are safe for your hair and what should be done once you have split ends by reading informative articles online. Always make reading a habit.

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