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The Right Hair Color for Different Skin Tone

Hair is considered as your ”Crowning Glory”. It is one of the special features that can make or break your total appearance. There are different types of hair that every person should deal. These hair types are straight, curly, wavy, and kinky. It is defined based on its strands, volume, and color. The hair color can already be defined as a person grows older. The normal hair colors are black and brown. Some people are already contented with the color of their hair while some people want some changes. They become fashion conscious and would not want to be left behind. They want to have a new haircut, new hairstyle, and new hair color.

Colors give life to your hair.

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Changing the color of your hair is easy. What is difficult here is how to determine the kind of color that will suit your skin tone. You can color your hair like your favorite celebrities, but you have to ask yourself if that color suits you or makes you look better or beautiful. Just because your friend or favorite celebrities look beautiful with that color, does not mean that it will also suit you. The same way holds true the other way around, if this particular color will suit you, it does not mean that it will also be a good hair color to other people.

These surely are the hottest hair colors this season.

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Your skin tone plays an important role in choosing the right color of your hair. It is then very important for you to know your skin tone before dying or coloring your hair. The different skin tones are: warm skin tone and cool skin tone.

Warm Skin Tone

  • Women with a warm skin tone can choose a cool tone hair color to match and compliment their skin tone. What is important is for them to identify the cool tone hair colors. For  instance, they have to look for the words “cool” or “ash” in the cool tone hair color description if they want to  buy the hair color.
  • Women who have  lighter skin colors and want to have a pale blonde shade must use a champagne or Platinum hair color. A hip, silvery-blonde color hair will also give justice to women with lighter skin.
  • If you have a warm skin tone, a brunette or red color shade like a rich black-brown, fawn-colored brunette, or dark red will just be a perfect hair color for you. A warm skin tone will look more appealing with a cooler color highlight.
  • A dark skinned woman with warm undertones will look best with a color that is lighter or darker than her skin. Adding highlights can add depth to the hair too.

Cool Skin Tone

  • Women with a cool skin tone must choose a warm and rich hair color. The hair color that you must buy should have a description on its label of warm, honey, or chocolate. They have to choose a color with a blue base like platinum, flaxen, and champagne blond that will enhance your complexion.
  • Women who want to have a blonde hair must avoid silvery champagne or Platinum. They can try golden blond to make their skin more flattering. A rich dark color hair is worth a try for the cool skin tone. They must avoid bare black color if the natural color of their hair is black. Silver pastel and gray can make your skin look paler. For this skin type, you must choose pink, green, and blue.

Your skin can either be pale or dark, but the right hair color can add luster to your pale or dark skin. The hair color must blend perfectly with the color of your skin. It must be homogeneous to make you look more beautiful. Your skin tone and hair tone must complement each other to make you look incredibly beautiful and really amazing. Your hair color or tone should not have the same tone to your skin.

Many people will give you a second look as you pass by. Heads will turn as you walk around because you look elegant with your hairstyle and hair color. If looks could kill, you would be dead by now for the number of stares you’ll be getting will be quite a lot.

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