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Tame Your Thick Hair: Here’s How

Not all girls are blessed with a naturally smooth hair. Some are lucky enough to have it, but some only have a thick hair to tame with. If you are one of those girls who have thick strands, you no longer have to worry that much! You can now search creative ways to help you in taming your strands.

Straighten that knots on your forehead because these steps will definitely help you in your bad hair day problems.

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Comb it with your fingers

A comb might be helpful in working out the knots in your hair, but combing your hair with your fingers first will help you untangle stubborn knots easily. Using a comb can create friction in your hair, making a few strands to form some knots. Now, if you have thick hair, you might want to minimize the friction to avoid frizzy looking hair throughout the day.

If you are not comfortable using your fingers as a comb, try using a comb that has wide spaces in between. In this way, there is less friction created while combing.

Use the right tools

If your fingers or comb are not enough to tame your thick hair, then it is high time to resort to a more advanced tool in the haircare market. The new bristle brush is one magical tool that could work wonders in your hair. This bristle brush can handle any type of thick hair problem that you might encounter. This tool has become quite popular for many, and it is predicted to continue to do so for the next years to come.

Make use of taming cream

Advancement in technology has given you another option to tame your hair through a taming cream. This particular cream will hold your strands in place minimizing the frizz. Finding a taming cream should not be a problem as there are a lot of choices available in the leading stores. The real challenge is finding the right type for your hair. Make sure to choose the taming cream with high quality ingredients. Do not commit the common mistake of choosing the quantity over quality. You might regret it at the end. It is better to invest in products wherein good result is 100% guaranteed.

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Find the right hairstyle

One of the common mistakes that most thick-haired girls out there suffer from is to inappropriately style their hair. Before you decide to get a trim in your favorite salon, search for a perfect hairstyle that would compliment your hair and face first. You do not want to make the reckless decision of putting your hair at the mercy of the hairdresser. Sometimes, what others think will look good on you may not have the same effect on your part. Search first and follow your instinct.

Stay away from straight fringes

Straight fringe may be the newest trend out there, but it does not compliment well with thick hair. This hairstyle is not made for everyone, so it is better to stay away from having fringes. If you have an unexplainable fetish with fringes, then you can try the long and side-swept fringe instead.

Trying out new hairstyle may seem a fun thing to do, but forcing a style to work on you is not a good thing. You still want to look effortlessly beautiful even with your thick hair, so stick to those hairstyles that you know will surely look good on you.

Work on your volume

Although thick hair is hard to tame, it does not mean that they are impossible to work on. You just have to know the right tactics to tame your look. Hair with a little bit of volume is now a trend among women all around the globe.

They key to this one is to choose the right hairstyle that compliments well with your hair’s volume. Put a little bit of taming cream onto it, enough to keep the frizz away, and let it dry naturally. Do not put a lot of cream! You do not want your hair to look hard and heavy. Having a little bit of volume to your hair can make it look bouncy and lively while keeping the frizz away.

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