Blow driers can damage your hair

Putting Curly Hair Under Control

Isn’t it ironic how some girls who have naturally straight hair want to curl their hair so much while the girls with curly hair wish to have straight hair instead? Girls with curly hair have experienced a lot of struggles to keep their hair frizz-free, so they do not quite understand while some people want to go through those struggles.

If you are among those girls who exert a lot of effort in taming your curly locks, these useful tips are especially for you. Following these steps will give you that tamed curls that you wish you can pull off.

Get rid of the brush

Since your locks are curly, the possibility of having tangled strands is quite common. This is actually one of the dilemmas of having a curly hair. Don’t let your curls discourage you though as you are not that totally hopeless yet. The first thing to do is to never brush your curls with a hair brush. Though brushes are originally known as a detangling tool, they actually build up some frizz instead.

You can use your comb instead to untangle the knots in your hair. You have to do this especially when your hair is still wet. Wet hair is more vulnerable as compared to dry hair.

No to blow dryer

Same as the hair brush, blowers can also worsen the frizz in your hair in the long run. Not only do they make your hair frizzy, but they also make your hair drier than usual. Too much dryness in your hair is not a good thing when you have curly hair. Blow drying will only double up the volume of your curly locks, making it look messier and frizzier. Let your hair naturally dry instead of blow drying them. Doing this, you are not only saving your hair from dryness, you can also save in the electricity!

Blow driers can damage your hair

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Make hair conditioning as a habit

Hair conditioner may be not that important, but for all the girls with curly hair, conditioner is their best friend. Conditioning your hair will make it softer and smoother; thus, the knots can be easily untangled. Make sure to choose the perfect conditioner for you. Use the one that suits well with your hair type. It is better to try the conditioner with yourself first than just asking your friends for some recommendations. The thing is that what might work for you may not be the same to others and vice versa.

Use conditioners that are mild enough not to damage your hair but are strong enough to do the job well. There are a lot of available hair-conditioning products that you can take advantage of. Just take your pick!

Be gentle in handling your hair

Taking your curls for granted by tying them up tightly is quite uncomfortable. You should be gentle with your curls as they are very sensitive.  Giving extra attention to your hair can be quite time consuming, but it is definitely worth it.

Keep your hair hydrated

Another thing to consider is keeping your curls hydrated, especially this summer season. In summer the sun is already scorching hot; thus, there is a great possibility wherein you need to keep your hair hydrated than usual.

Lack of hydration can cause hair breakage and split ends. Water is indeed very useful in all parts of the human body. Keeping the hair hydrated is a must to all types of hair to maintain their natural moisture.

Hydration is the key to a healthy looking hair

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Use a taming serum

Using a serum that will help you in taming your hair is one strategy to put your curls in check. Taming serum should allow the curls to bounce a little when walking. This serum can magically hold your locks in place all throughout the day!

Curly ringlets are definitely an amazing hairstyle but are hard to tame. Choose a taming serum that is of good quality to avoid horrible result.

Give it some time

Do not get frustrated immediately. Remember, patience is a virtue. Work on your routine every single day, and you will see the result in the long run.

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