The Psychology Behind Constantly Cutting Your Hair

Having new hair cuts and new hair styles can be really fun because it lets you show the rest of the world who you are, how you feel, and what you really like to look like. People can go to a barber to just get a touch up or people can go to a high end hair salon to get the newest and coolest hair styles. What we’re here to talk about today is what getting new hair styles means in terms of the person. To be more specific we’re here to discuss what it means when people constantly change their hair style and what it says about that person. A person who always changes their hair style could be doing it for a number of different reasons, all of which we will discuss below.

They Like Style

One of the things that it could say about a person when they constantly change their hair style is that they are an artsy person. Some people just like to get creative and try new things. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Trying new things can be really fun; some people just want to have fun!


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They are Self Conscious

Some people who always change their hair styles might be doing it because of the fact that they are self conscious of how they look. Some people are depressed and have a low level of self esteem which results in them looking in the mirror and never being happy with the way they look and always thinking that other people think they are ugly or goofy looking. Constantly changing hair styles may be a result of having low self esteem and the new hair styles are a way of trying to build that self esteem.


Another reason that people tend to change hair styles is because of their emotions. This is especially true for people who choose extreme hair styles or choose to color their hair with vibrant colors. Often hair styles like Mohawks or buzz cuts can indicate depression or anger. Also coloring the hair can be a way for people to show their emotions and feelings to the outside world without ever saying a word. If someone is angry they might yell, they might dress in black or red, and they may color their hair bright red to match the intensity of their feelings. Also if people are depressed they may get something like an “emo” hair cut with blue hair, of course the blue indicates sadness.


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Wanting To Fit In

The last thing that we could think of as to why people constantly change their hair styles and hair cuts is because they want to fit in. There are always new fashion trends and fads, trends which people are supposed to follow if they want to be considered cool or hip. Since people are gregarious herd animals we want to be the same as others and we want to fit in. Notice, as soon as one person starts wearing a certain type of clothing or hair style, other people start to follow suit. This is simply because people want to be a part of the group.

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