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Mistakes You Make When You Shampoo Your Hair

Hair is one of the first attraction factor for many people, be it blond, brunette, or dark hair colour with soft, silky, or hard texture. Every type of hair has its own beauty. You might know the basics of hair maintenance: no vigorous shampooing, cleaning hair every week, wearing a hat or a stole to avoid exposure to sun and dirt etc., but are you really happy with the way your hair looks? Do you find it difficult to maintain at some point and considering to go short in order to avoid maintenance hazel? Probably, you might be making mistakes in your hair maintenance agenda which would make your hair appear greasy and lifeless. Here are some of the common mistakes you might be doing when you shampoo your hair:

1. Are you sure your hair is wet enough?

You might stand under shower for a minute and think that your hair is wet and start applying shampoo, but actually you might be throwing your hair into the risk of getting dry. Make sure, every corner of your hair is wet before you start applying your shampoo.

2. Do you wash your hair only when it goes greasy?

Another mistake you might make out of your laziness is to wait until your hair gets completely greasy, and then to go for a hair wash. Dust and dirt accumulates in hair every day and it is not healthy to leave it on until symptoms are noticeable (greasiness). Make it a routine to wash your hair every day during summer and one in two days during winter and rainy season.

3. Do you fancy capping your hair with froth?

Most people feels satisfied only if they get their hair covered with froth. The actual fact is, cleanliness of your hair lies in your fingers and not in the shampoo. A little shampoo, just enough to lather the hair is much enough. Your fingers should do the trick of giving proper massage to every hair and scalp issues. Also remember, inadequate quantity of shampoo may not give enough smoothness to help your hands do the massage in the right way.

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4. Do you scalp-scrub?

Many people does this mistake. You might think that you are getting rid of every dirt on the head, but actually you might be peeling off the skin from your scalp which might cause dandruff later. A gentle massage is just enough to get rid of the dirt on the scalp.

5.Do you give a quick-rinse?

If you are the person who just wipes off the shampoo (so that people can get the fragrance of your hair from the other corner of the street) or if you are the one who don’t have enough patience to rinse the hair after applying shampoo, you are probably in danger of harming your hair. Be sure that you give a thorough rinse to your hair before heading off the shower. Chemical components in the shampoo may damage your scalp and make it flaky if not rinsed properly.

6. Do you apply your conditioner the same way as shampoo?

Remember, shampoo is for the entire hair: from the roots to the the ranches. Conditioners are ‘not’ for the roots. By applying your conditioner on the scalp, you are letting your leave-on conditioner to block your oil glands in the scalp and get your head accumulated with unwanted dirt and dandruff. Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp. Just apply it on the length of the hair, without contact with the scalp. This will keep your hair shiny and healthy.

7. Do you comb your wet hair?

It might be the easier way to avoid tangles, but your hair will be too loose when wet. Take enough time to dry your hair and then comb hair when it is dry. This avoids hair fall to greater extent.

8. Do you avoid cold water rinse?

Rinsing the hair with cold water afters your normal rinse will help opening up the pores in scalp and will increase blood flow to the hair. This will aid in better hair growth. Avoidance of cold water rinsing may keep the pores in your scalp closed which increase the risk of getting dandruff and itchiness.

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