Keeping Straightened Hair Straight Long Time

Avoid the Backlash

Many people with curly, wavy or frizzy hair tend to straighten their hair occasionally if not on a regular basis. Getting a good natural looking straightened finish is not too hard, as long as the right steps are followed. A few key points to doing this the right way are patience, understanding what your hair needs and having the right equipment. Let’s look at the basic steps to successfully straightening hair and keeping it that way.

Keeping Straightened Hair Straight

Before Starting

The first thing to look at before starting his the hair to be straightened. If that is really thick and long, you know you’re going to need a little more shampoo as well as a little more time actually ironing it. Getting the recommended heat on the hair for the right amount of time is crucial, so you really need to be careful about how hard you press and things like that so you don’t burn the hair but at the same time you do give it enough and pressure, while also making sure it has absorbed enough moisture but isn’t dripping wet.

Keeping Straightened Hair Straight

Applying Heat

Heat should be applied as needed, in even motions without stopping or pausing in any one place to avoid damage. It doesn’t hurt to move a little faster but the heating tool may need to be used a little slower in order to apply the right amount of heat and straightening. This is a step for the most care needs to be taken and make sure nothing goes wrong and nothing is damaged, as well as make sure everybody is safe doesn’t get hurt or burned.

Keeping Straightened Hair Straight

Keeping It Straightened

Once hair successfully straightened to the desired degree, it can be kept that way for a good amount of time as long as it’s care for the right way. Regular use of hairspray to keep it from gaining volume is one way of achieving this but can also add a lot of unwanted buildup.

To avoid having to use a lot of hairspray it is good to just turn keep your hair clean so it doesn’t have to be washed every single day and when it does need to be washed, it should be done in cooler water and almost patted dry so you are not adding extra volume to your hair. After washing is also the best time to apply any extra straightening products or heat protecting sprays.

Keeping Straightened Hair Straight

Staying out of windy, damp or excessively humid weather is the best way to go with keeping hair straightened out because any movement is early, start bouncing it back to its natural shape and volume. Straightened hair should also be left down as much as possible because tying, braiding and things of that nature are just going to do the opposite of straight and which will leave you right back to where you started.

Keeping Straightened Hair Straight

Remember then he straightened hair is obviously doing something it naturally does not want to do, so even getting weak have of one straightening job is pretty good.

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