How to Put an End to Split Ends

A lot of us have our fair share of bad hair days thanks to split ends. Who wouldn’t want silky smooth hair all the time? Here are some tips on how to prevent split ends from happening:

Remove the split ends yourself

If you haven’t decided yet to have a full blown haircut, you can take care of the pesky split ends yourself. Just a reminder though, you should trim them off using hair shears since a regular pair of scissors can still fray your hair, leading to more split ends. Split ends form a small ball above the damaged part of your hair. You should cut single strands of hair about one-fourth of an inch above the splits. Cut too close to the split ends though, and these may reappear.

If cutting off your split ends compromises your hair goals in one way or another, you can have your hair cut into layers instead. Leaving lower layers from the trimmed surface layer of the damaged areas can do wonders to your hair.

Hair protection during sleep

Sleeping makes us twist and turn in our beds which can cause our hairs to tangle up when we look for that perfect sleeping position. As a result, the tangles that we undo whenever we wake up can cause breakage to our lovely locks. Sleeping with your hair in a loose braid or loose bun helps prevent hair from tangling up during bedtime. On the other hand, a sleeping cap or satin pillowcase may also be of help.

Hair protection during the day

UV rays do not only damage your skin but your hair as well. Going outside on a sunny day warrants sun protection in one way or another. As such, you should wear your hair in a bun underneath your preferred head wear, or use conditioner that has sunscreen properties.

Although the sun is your hair’s enemy outdoors, your hair also has enemies indoors. Examples of which are your regular straighteners, curlers, or even blow dryers which emit heat when used. The main issue with these heat treatment tools is that the heat weakens the proteins of the hair, making it prone to split ends. The best thing to do is to avoid placing direct heat on hair ends unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, you can concentrate first on the roots and following up on the length of the hair. In this manner, the ends should experience the least amount of heat, and the roots take up all the needed heat to achieve the desired style.

Second day hair

Sure, we all want to wash up to feel fresh every day. However, a quick body shower can be perfectly fine for your hair. It may even help your hair transform to its best shape ever. Skipping hair washes every other day is actually healthy for our hair since it allows our body to repair the hair using its own natural oils. Using too much shampoo on your hair can strip it away from its natural oils, making your hair prone to damage. However, if your hair still splits despite washing every other day, you can try out milder shampoos that may suit your hair type. On another note, there may be some styles that can work better on you using your second day hair! The best thing about second day hair is that you can simply toss your hair up in a bun, the simplest and quickest way to look fresh and fab all day.

Having a balanced diet

Did you know that the protein found in your hair is also the same type of protein found in your nails? Making sure that you are taking in all the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals ensures that you have the best hair you can have. Food sources such as fish that has healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids can also aid in your quest for stronger and shinier hair. In addition to that, vitamin E is also another useful ingredient for healthy hair and these can be found in many food sources such as nuts, avocado, and leafy greens.

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