How To Get Curly Hair For Men?

Men’s curly locks are just sexy yet romantic. And they are even recently back on the catwalks. So, for guys who have the dead-straight locks ever since, it’s not an impossible idea to own that sexy look that thousands of women would be dying for, either in a temporary or a permanent (perm) way.

If you are up for this topic, keep reading up on our post to know how to get curly hair for men. We are going to involve both overnight/temporary and long-term methods in this article. You can freely choose upon whatever feels comfortable for you.


How To Get Curly Hair For Men?How To Get Curly Hair Overnight For MenHow To Get Temporary Curly Hair For MenHair GelHair Curling Texturizer Or Sea Salt SprayUse Heated AppliancesHow To Get Long Term Curly Hair For MenUse Curl-Enhancing ShampooApply Moisturized OilRinse Rather Than WashGrow Hair The Right Way And Get The Right HaircutGet A PermConclusion

How To Get Curly Hair Overnight For Men


  • This is going to be really simple. Start with your damp hair and evenly apply an amount of pea-sized hair gel into your hair using a comb.
  • Start picking your hair in sections, curl each section by wrapping around your finger and clip it in place with bobby pins. Repeat this with all the sections until nothing left. Go sleep with your head like that, by morning, your hair should be dry. Then it’s time for you to get off all the bobby pins and enjoy the overnight curls now you have.

How To Get Temporary Curly Hair For Men


Hair Gel


If you find you need to put much effort in the overnight style, this is another option for you. Using a pea-sized amount of hair gel and have your fingers run through the damp hair. Still, it’s best to spend some time to build up individual curls, get a pencil or something similar to wrap your hair around in 30 seconds at least. Release it and continue to work on the next lock until you are satisfied with the look.


Hair Curling Texturizer Or Sea Salt Spray

Nothing is going to harm if a man reaches out for texturizer which is often considered a women’s product. In the end, they are just about creating texture for hair and it can be perfect for men’s tresses as well. Apply texturizer by spraying directly into the hair; this helps the process of building up natural curls.

Or you can watch a tutorial using sea salt spray and blow-dry here:


Use Heated Appliances

A medium to long hair of a man would be just perfect to get a heated appliance involved.

Also, don’t forget this while trying to get the curly tresses: Stick with products that can give your hair shine and hold. An amount of leave-in conditioner will do goodness for your hair especially when heat is taking part in the styling process.

Watch this guy curling his hair using a straightener.

How To Get Long Term Curly Hair For Men

Use Curl-Enhancing Shampoo


Go out there and reach for the proper products specialized for curl-enhancing, including shampoo and conditioner. These products usually contain the ingredients that fight again frizziness and facilitate the underlying curls. Using these specific gears would help you to have softer and curlier locks.

Apply Moisturized Oil


Moisturize your hair with Moroccan oil once or twice every week. This process will support your hair with moisture and strength.

Meanwhile, curls can happen when you start combining oil applying with a tight head-cap and leaving overnight. By the time you remove the cap in the morning, your hair should have the slight and soft curly texture.

Coconut and olive oil can work wonder in the same way. Treating your hair in this way can keep them lighter and silkier.

Rinse Rather Than Wash

  • Another way to train curly hair is to do regular rinse through your hair, instead of letting them washing and rubbing too much by hands.
  • Rinsing can wash away dirt leaving your hair feeling refresh, at the same time, this step keeps your hair light. The fact that rinsing doesn’t wash away all the natural oils from your hair can keep the silkiness as well.
  • On the other hand, more or less, shampoo tends to dry out your hair and weigh them down, making hair less likely to be curled.
  • Each person should have their own schedule of rinsing their hair. A greasy hair needs more regular (once a day) rinse and a drier hair may only need 1-2 rinse a week.

Grow Hair The Right Way And Get The Right Haircut


This is another important step in styling your hair. Imagine yourself how curly you would want your hair to be and go for a proper haircut that can demonstrate the curls you like. You may need to spend some considerable time to talk to the hairstylist before he sets the first trim.

In case you have no idea, this is our suggestion: a pompadour style is trendy while the sides are short and curly hair on the top. [watch the 2nd clip above for reference]

Get A Perm

  • After a while, you may find that all of those methods won’t work because you have a thick hair texture. In this case, we’ll ask you to go for a perm. At this point, you’ll need to be very careful when it comes to picking the right hairstylist that can rock your look and has experience in both stunning hair designing and men curls.
  • Secondly, a permanent approach is just a permanent thing on your hair. If you want to change hairstyle, you already understand that this will take time for your hair to renew, from 3-6 months.
  • Thirdly, you probably know that more hair treatment will be involved once you set your tresses a chemical permanent interference.



This is the end of the post and we want to thank you for sticking with us till this end. By now you must have had the answer that what method you are going to apply to rock that hot sexy romantic men look. Share with us once you are done if you don’t mind!

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