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7 Best Hair Extension brands in the US

Update 2020: If you’ve been searching for the perfect hair extensions, you know how difficult it can be to choose between various application methods, lengths, colors, and textures. It seems there are endless numbers of hair extension brands, each with different products. So, how do you choose? Some brands are better than others. Check out our review of the top best hair extensions brands.


What To Look For In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions differ based on the type of hair used, the length of the hair, the width of the pieces, the color of the hair, the texture of the hair, the thickness of the hair, and, most importantly, the application method required. If you’re looking for the best match to your hair, there are a few things you should know.

Type of Hair

We recommend using all natural human hair because this hair, as opposed to synthetic hair, can be straightened and curled with hot tools. Synthetic hair cannot be styled otherwise it will completely melt. Human hair is also easier to care for because you can wash it regularly and care for it as if it were your own natural hair.

Width of Pieces

Generally speaking, when looking for extensions it is better to buy smaller pieces. The less width the pieces have, the more naturally the extensions blend in with your natural hair. However, there are some cases in which longer pieces may be better: if you are new to applying extensions, it may be easier to start with wider pieces. Also, if you are creating a lot of volume, it may also be appropriate to use wider pieces of hair.

Color of Extensions

Hair Colors Palette. Hair Texture

It may be difficult to match the color of your hair to extensions, but many of the best hair extensions brands have tools on their websites for choosing the appropriate hair color for you. Some brands may even proved hair swatches upon request.

Texture of Hair

Everyone has a unique hair texture, but some brans of hair extensions only sell one texture. If you have curly hair, it may be worth it to search for an extension brand that offers curly hair to match your own. This will help reduce styling time and also will help your hair blend with the extensions.

Thickness of Hair

Just like texture, thickness of hair varies from individual to individual. The number one reason one’s hair extensions do not successfully blend with their natural hair is the difference in the thickness of the hair.

Application Method Required

There are 5 main ways to attach hair extensions, and each of them requires a different technique. It is also important to pay attention to which tools are required for each of the different application types.


Keratin Bonding

Keratin is the same material that your hair is made of. In keratin bonding, hair extension pieces have a small keratin tip, which can be melted as a type of glue using a heated clamper. Keratin bonded extensions are not very damaging to your hair, although during removal some hair may be shed. One of the best things about keratin bonded extensions is that they can last for several months—sometimes even half a year.



I-tip extensions are a little bit different from keratin bonded extensions. The tip on these extensions is made of a strong but not damaging glue. The tips is in the shape of an I, so it wraps around the hair differently than the other kinds of tips, such as flat-tips. this method is easier to remove than keratin bonded hair extensions but the removal technique is the same—you use pliers to loosen the dried glue tip from the hair.



Flat-tip extensions are very similar to I-tip. The only difference is the shape of the glue tip of the extension. They are applied and removed in the same manner. Some people find it easier to use flat-tips, while others prefer I-tips, so find the tip shape you are most comfortable with.



If you’re new to extensions, it may be safest to try out clip-ins. These are the least permanent type of hair extensions because they can be removed at any time. These extensions are not sold in tiny strands, but are longer wefts with clips along the top. They can fit flawlessly with your hair if you choose the appropriate type! Clip-ins need to be washed and cared for and, of course, sometimes replaced.



Tape-in extensions are not nearly as invasive or permanent as the various glue-tipped extensions. These extensions are also applied in longer hair wafts rather than slender strands of only a little bit of hair. They are taped along the roots of your hair, and stay in place for a few months. This is another type of hair extensions that does not cause much damage to the hair

The Best Hair Extensions Brands

So, now that you’re interested in finding some extensions, check out some of our favorite hair extensions brands!

Whether you’re looking for pre-made clip-ins or want to attempt applying more technical extensions (such as nail tip, stick tip, micro loop, and nano ring extensions), Halo Hair Extensions has plenty of options. Halo Hair Extensions offers over 35 colors and all of their extensions are made of 100% Indian Remy Hair.


  • Lengths ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches
  • Clip-Ins come with 8 pieces and 14 clips
  • Deluxe Clip-Ins come with 12 pieces and 21 clips
  • Nail Tip, Stick Tip, Microloop, and Nano Ring sets come with 50 pieces
  • 100% real Indian Remy Hair


  • Human hair is versatile and ideal for styling with hot tools
  • This brand sells over 35 different colors, so you are likely to find a close match
  • You can choose your extensions based on color, length, and even application type
  • Website provides a tool for finding your ideal extension color
  • Website provides instructional videos


  • Some applications (nail tip, stick tip, microloop, and nano rings) may require assistance from a qualified hairdresser

Kllix hair extensions use a special system of application that they claim can save you some time. To do this, you must guide your hair through micro-links (which are lined with silicone). This lining keeps your hair from snapping! Next you simply close the link (with a special tool) so that the wefts are clamped onto the hair. Now your extensions should lay flat against your head!


  • Micro-link wefts, protected by silicone, which can easily be applied to hair
  • 100% Indian Remy hair


  • Easy to remove when you are done wearing the extensions
  • Quick to apply (if you know what you are doing!)
  • Human hair can be styled with hot tools


  • Even if you are familiar with hair extensions, this type of extensions probably uses a method you have not used before
  • This may not be the best method for beginnersMay cause limited breakage

Could Donna Bella Hair Extensions be one of the best hair extensions brands available? Yes, this brand has it all—flat-tip, i-tip, tape-in, keratin, and even clip-ins! Aside from the diversity in application techniques available, this brand also provides all of the needed compatible tools for these applications.


  • Multiple application types, including flat-tip, i-tip, keratin, tape-in, and clip-in
  • Real human hair
  • Practice hair allows you to practice your application technique before applying hair to your natural hair


  • Real hair is ideal for styling with hot tools
  • Hair can be applied with minimal damage to hair and scalp
  • Vast range of hair colors allows you to match your natural hair more easily


  • Requires some additional tools for application
  • May require assistance from a salon for seamless results

This brand is one of the best hair extension brands due to its amazing variety of colors, length, and textures to choose from. In fact, the company boasts that its selection is the most complete of any extensions enterprise! Made of human hair, these extensions may feature chic colors or even Swarovski crystals.


  • Up to 80 cm length of hair extensions
  • Some extensions feature sparkly Swarovski crystals
  • Some extensions include two tones of color to help match your natural color better
  • Graded hair strands are also available (such as ombre)


  • You can choose between various thicknesses and textures along with color, sparkle, and length
  • You can customize your jewel colors
  • This brand has multiple application methods available
  • You can buy accessorize necessary for applying and caring for extensions


  • Requires a special hair extensions tool for some types of application
  • May require you to go to a salon for proper application

Do you have the need for speed? This brand supplies wefts with adhesives. This means hair can be applied without much time or effort. Not to mention, these wefts can be used up to 3 times without showing wear and tear. This brand also has different lengths, colors, and styles.


  • Adhesive wefts in a number of lengths and widths
  • 100% Indian Remy human hair
  • Application lasts about 4 weeks, then needs to be touched up or redone


  • Different widths allows you to choose between various styles
  • Easy and quick to apply without the need to go to a salon for assistance
  • Different styles to choose from
  • Human hair is ideal for styling with hot tools and can be easily maintained


  • These extensions not last longer than approximately one month
  • This application method may be damaging to the scalp
  • This brand does not have other options of application

Introducing one of the best hair extensions brands, Cinderella Hair Extensions. This brand aims to supply salons with the finest quality hair, but buying it here yourself may save you some additional money! Hair comes in lengths between 16 and 22 inches. Here are some of the reasons Cinderella Hair Extensions made our top 7 best hair extension brands.


  • Pre-Bonded Hair comes in a variety of colors, lengths, and even textures—a major advantage for those with curly, hard to match hair.
  • Pop-In Extensions can be applied either by micro rings or keratin bonds, giving you flexibility in application and also protecting your scalp


  • Choosing your own hair texture gives you more control over finding hair that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair
  • This extension brand also offers other products, such as an elixir to help grow your hair and extension sets
  • Cheaper than buying the extensions at the salon


  • Only a few application methods to choose from
  • Some application methods may require you to go to a salon
  • Requires you to also have the proper tools for applying hair extensions

If you’re looking for hair extensions that hold more permanently than clip-ins, you may be interested in checking out Babe Hair Extensions. This is one of the best hair extensions brands because you can choose from flat-tips, i-tips, fusion, tape-in, and beads application methods. You can even get complete hair extensions kits with the materials necessary to apply your extensions without needing to go to a hair salon!


  • Extensions are all made of human hair
  • Flat-Tip extensions can be used up to 3 times and does not require glue, heat, or chemicals for applicationI-Tip extensions can be used up to 3 times and does not require glue, heat, or chemicals for application
  • Keratin Bonds (Fusion) only require 2 hours and creates beautiful, salon-quality results that last for up to 4 months
  • Tape-Ins only require around 30 minutes to apply and creates seamless results that last for up to 6 months
  • This brand also features many products to help with application, such as kits including all necessary materials for beginners, bond cutters, replacement tapes, and aftercare sets


  • No need to go to a salon, you ca do your extensions yourself
  • Human hair is ideal for styling with hot tools
  • A variety of application methods to choose from that last for long periods of time
  • Kits are perfect for beginners learning to apply their own extensions


  • No options for clip-in extensions
  • May be difficult for beginners or those not trained in beauty
  • May be time consuming

And The Winner Is...

The best hair extensions brands are each good in their own way, but the overall best hair extensions brand is Halo Hair Extensions. This brand has a wide range of application techniques, various lengths of hair, more than 35 different colors to choose from, and all the tools you could possibly need.

This brand is perfect for those still learning about hair extensions and experts, alike. This brand may be bought and used in a salon, but also serves well as a do-it-yourself project. We hope you found this information useful, try out some of our favorite brands and let us know what you think!

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