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Getting Your Hair Ready For the Gym

Often times, we always want to look good, whether when going out or just being lazy at home and doing nothing. Most of the time, women love to fix their hair. This is because the hair is considered their crown and glory. A bad hair contributes to a bad appearance specially if its is messy and unkept in a bad way.

What makes it worse, when you are working out in the gym or any activities that requires sweating and moving, your hair tends to be always in the way of your line of sight, and it sticks to your neck that annoys you a lot.

Here, we are going to talk about different ways of styling the hair on gym days.

The Pony Tail

Basically, this is the most basic hairstyle that many women and some men often sport when they are exercising or playing sports in the field. This is very easy to do. You just need an elastic hair band, and pull all your hair up on the top of your head, resembling a pony’s tail and tie it with an elastic band to stop the bunch from falling down to your shoulders. Then, take out about a square inch hair from the bottom then twist it around the elastic, and secure this piece with a bobby pin. The pony tails keep your hair from your sticking down to your neck.

Pig Tails in a Braid

Another way to keep your hair away from covering your face is the pig tail braid. You can do the braided pig tails on your own. The first thing you do is divide your hair into two parts to form two mini pony tails. Then start braiding one pony tail at a time; it depends whether you want to start braiding the left pony tail or the right one.

Divide the chosen pony tail into three section. Start crossing the first part towards the right, then pull the middle part to the left side, and lastly, cross the last partition with the first partition. Repeat the same process until you reach the desired length of the your braid, then secure it with an elastic band. Repeat the same process with the second pony tail.

Funky French Braid

If you want a pony tail with a combination of those elegant braids, then the French braids might be the perfect hairdo for you. Remember, French braid and classic braids are different. For French braids with a pony tail twist, you need to divide your hair into three section, then secure them using elastic bands. Then you start braiding one of the three section. Divide the partition into three, adding a bit of hair when you to continue to braid it down until the desired length. Secure it with pins. Then you do the same to the other two partitions left. After braiding the two partitions, you gather the unbraided part of the hair then pull it up into a pony tail or a bun.

The Bun Spin

This is perfect for people who want to keep their hair up when they are working out. The bun spin makes you look classy even if you are sweating excessively from your workout routine. All you need to do is gather your hair up like a pony tail, and then, secure it with an elastic band. Grab the tail of your hair and twist it to make it look like a cord. Circle it on the top of your hair to form a bun; use pins to secure it. You can also do a lower side spin bun. All you have to do is gather the hair to the side where you preferred to put the bun. Tie it into a pony tail, and then, twist it into a cord then wrap it into a bun on the side. secure it with bobby pins to keep it from falling.

There are a lot of ways to keep your hair from covering your face and sticking out into different directions. Remember these are just some of the hairdo’s that you might want to try whenever you decide to go to the gym and hang out with your friends after.

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