What Is The Difference Between A Hair Style And A Hair Cut?

Getting a new hair cut or a hair style can be really exciting because it lets you express who you are and it lets you look neat and groomed too. Some people may think that the words hair cut and hair style are synonymous and that it’s just a matter of semantics, but that is surely not the case. There is a clear difference between a hair cut and a hair style; let me tell you what that is.

Getting a hair cut or a trim actually involves cutting your hair to be shorter than it as before. There is even a distinction to be made there. Getting a new hair cut usually involves a serious shortening of the length of the hair, while a trim doesn’t involve much in length chances. Instead a trim is more or less just cutting away the split ends to give your current hair style a little rejuvenation. However getting a hair cut is not the same thing as getting a new hair style. The picture below is of a hair cut.


Photo Credit: www.tellwut.com

You can get yourself a new hair style without actually getting a hair cut. For example you can cut your hair to ivy league length and wear it in different hair styles. You can wear the ivy league hair cut in a crew cut hair style, a long crew cut, spiked up, parted in the middle, or many other ways too. The picture below is of a hair style.

hair-for-menPhoto Credit: therighthairstyles.com

A hair cut refers to the length of your hair more than anything else, while the hair style refers to the way in which you wear your hair. As another example, you could have long hair lowing don to your shoulders and that would be the hair cut length. You can wear that long hair in a pony tail, a bun, or wear it like shag too, that would be the hair style.

To make it even more simple, a hair cut involves using scissors or clippers, whereas getting your hair styled is going to involve the dryer, gel, hair products, and anything else needed to make a specific style. Getting your hair cut in length doesn’t mean that you automatically have a hair style, it can just mean that your hair is shorter. You can of course get a hair cut and also get it made into a certain style at the same time, however the 2 are very different things.

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