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Choosing the Correct Hair Brush for Your Hair

For women, our hair is our crown and glory. We all wanted to have the perfect dress, the perfect make up, and the perfect hair for any special occasion and even on ordinary days. Often times, our mothers would often tell us that brushing our hair is one way of keeping it beautiful and healthy, but sometimes, an ordinary brush is not enough to keep it beautiful.
There are different kinds of brush that we must learn in order to get that perfect hair we always dreamed of. Choosing a hair brush isn’t simple. There are certain things that you need to take into consideration when buying a brush. Which brush fits your hair and which brush can give life to your hair. Here are the different kinds of brush for different types of hair.

Natural Bristle

Natural Bristle is best for all hair types. Natural bristles is very gentle on the hair. It help smoothens the hair cuticles and redistributes the sebum all over the strand, moisturizing it to give a beautiful and glossy finish. Many hairstylists like using natural boar bristle. This brush is said to be very versatile. You can use it to brush your curls, and it can help add volume to blow dried hair. It may cost a lot but this brush has the highest quality of all brushes.

Synthetic Bristle Brush

Synthetic bristles are non absorbent as compared to Natural bristle brushes. Aside from being non-absorbent, the synthetic brushes do not distribute oils or help condition your hair. They are not flexible as compared to other brushes. This brush can cause damage to your hair roots. Hair stylist would often recommend a natural bristle brush than synthetic brush to get healthier, more beautiful, shinier, and smoother hair.

Mixed Bristle Brush

This is applicable to use on normal to thick hair. Mixed bristles is made up of both synthetic and natural bristles. They also call this brush as porcupine brush. This brush helps detangle your coarse hair.

Paddle Brush

This brush is good for straight hair. It usually have bristles coming from the cushion. This brush is great for massaging your scalp, detangling knots, and smoothens your strands. This brush is designed to bend with your scalp to stop causing damage by pulling your hair down. This is very ideal when you decide to use a flat iron.

Round Brush

Round brushes are perfect to use when you want to have that blow dry look. They are good for making various styles or when you want to smoothen the natural texture of your hair. It is easier to control and style your hair with round brushes, especially if you want a long lasting blow dry look.

Metal Brush

Metal brushes are used when you want to make curls. They are best used as a finisher because they can smooth down any tangle and stray strand and keep them in place. In order to properly use the brush, hold a curl in place or create a distance between the roots during the finishing part of the style.

Vented Brush

The Vented brushes have holes through the back of the brush. They are designed like this to decrease the amount of time during blow drying your hair. It allows air to flow through the brush making it faster to dry your hair. It comes in paddle or round shapes. They are perfect for creating and enhancing hair textures. It also works well as a setting brush.

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are often use for detangling your hair. Detangling your hair in the shower or when your hair is wet is better because it is easier to untangle the knots as compared to detangling it when it’s dry.

Fine Tooth Comb

Fine toothed comb is used to smoothen hair or to style your fringe. When ironing your hair, it is best to choose fine toothed combs to easily access the hair roots and make a better tension. It is best to use matte combs instead of the glossy ones. The glossy ones will not give the correct grip for your hair. Matte combs can give you more control of your hair, so you wont have a problem about your hair sticking out in different directions.

It is important to know which brush is good and which brush isn’t. Remember, your hair is your crowning glory. Taking good care of it is like taking good care of your body itself.

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