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Causes and Remedies for Brittle Hair

Brittle Hair

Having “bad hair” can be really upsetting to a lot of people because it lowers their self esteem. Bad hair can have different meanings to different people. For some, they attribute bad hair with brittle hair. Brittle hair is one of the most common hair problems women suffer from today. It could mean that their hair is too thin, lackluster, dry, frizzy, or even damaged. A sign of brittle hair is when your hair breaks when brushed or combed.

Causes of Brittle Hair

Brittle hair is a sign of unhealthy hair, and there are various causes of this. One of the reasons for brittle hair is poor nutrition. I vaguely remember being told that “your hair is a result of what you eat” which means that whatever you put inside your body shows on the outside too. If you don’t eat healthy and if your body lacks vitamins and proteins, it will definitely show on your hair. In really bad cases, a poor diet does not only cause brittle hair but also hair fall.

Brittle hair could also mean that something is wrong inside your body. This could be due to an illness or side effects of medication. If ever you feel like there’s no reason for your hair to be brittle, and you’ve tried all the hair remedies you could think of, you should probably get yourself checked to make sure if you are sick or not. If you are also under medication, you should also check its side effects.

Another cause of brittle hair is overuse of hair products and salon treatments. Most hair treatments make use of too much heat (ex. curling irons) or products that are made of harsh chemicals (ex. hair dyes & keratin treatment). The use of such products could be effective, but are only good for a few months. Repeated use of them is what makes them toxic for your hair. Yes, they may be quick and effective hair treatments, but they are really just short term solutions to your hair problems. You could be doing more harm than good.


There are many home remedies you could try to treat your brittle hair. Don’t worry because with the right treatment, your hair will get better. We have listed some tips you could try at home.

  • Avoid Further Damaging Your Hair

If you already have brittle hair, don’t do anything to add more damage. Avoid washing your hair too often because it removes your hair’s natural oils that keep it moisturized. Limit hair treatments as much as possible. Also, avoid too much sun exposure.

  • Organic Hair Masks

There are many recipes you could try at home in just a few steps and with some simple household ingredients. Some hair mask ingredients include olive oil, eggs, avocado, honey, apple cider, butter, and tea. As you can see all these are pretty simple to have so you wouldn’t have to break the bank either.

  • Eat Right

There is nothing like solving the problem from within your body. If you eat right, it will not only show on your hair but also on your skin and personality. Eat lots of protein-rich  food such as nuts, eggs, meat, and fish. Proteins help repair the damages present in the hair. Omega 3 is said to also be good for the hair.

It is also important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to maintain your hair’s moisture. You could also massage your scalp to ensure that the nutrients reach your hair.

  • Dry Your Hair Properly

Don’t comb your hair while it is still wet. Doing so would cause damage such as split ends. Use your fingers to comb through your hair while drying it.

  • Let Your Hair Down

If you are fond of tying your hair in a ponytail, you might want to lessen that. Make a conscious effort to let your hair down even for a few hours. Also, never sleep while wearing any hair accessories.

  • Wrap Your Hair

After taking a bath, wrap your hair with a towel instead of rubbing it. This reduces split ends.

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