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Top 3 Best Hot Rollers – Ultimate Buying Guide

Bouncy Curls For Busy Girls

A master stylist with a curling iron or hair straightener (plus a good amount of time) can create a bouncy, curly masterpiece fit for the runway. And then there’s me: with no hairstyling talents and even less free time, I once thought my hair was doomed to straight blandness for life. Turns out I was totally wrong. So, say goodbye to getting burned by your hair tools, kiss your flat hair goodbye, and let me introduce you to the magic of hot rollers. Check out my tips, tricks, and picks for the best hot rollers around!


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Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper A $
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How To Get Started With Hot Rollers

Ladies, if you want long-lasting curls without putting in much time or effort, you’re in luck: hot rollers are the most efficient way to create curls. But not all hot rollers are created equal—some are more compatible with thin hair, while others are more powerful to heat through thick hair. If you want to find the best hot rollers for your unique hair type, consider these helpful hints when looking for a set of hot rollers and trying them out.

Hot rollers differ in the materials they are made of, the finishes of the hot rollers, the size of the rollers, the available heat settings, and the type of clip they use to hold the hair. Depending on your hair type, you should look for different features in your hot roller kit.

Keep in mind that the rollers for you may not be the same as the best rollers for your friends!

The Best Hot Rollers For Thin Hair

Now, if you have thin, fine, or delicate hair (such as hair that has been bleached or is highly damaged), you should seek out some of these features. It may be difficult to find hot rollers with all of these features together, but keep an eye out for the qualities most important to you!

  • Material: Ceramic, spongeHot rollers made with ceramic helps to finish the hair with a shiny, healthy look. That’s due in part to the fact that ceramic surfaces are less likely to damage hair than other materials. Sponge-made hair rollers use steam to heat the hair. This may also be highly effective, and yet gentle, on thin or fine hair.
  • Finish: smoothSome curlers have ribbed finishes, which are thought to be easier to pull out. However, thin or fine hair will not have the issue of difficult-to-remove hair curlers because there is less hair wrapped around these hot rollers. In fact, ribbed finishes can cause the hair to crinkle and look obviously uneven. That’s why it is better to use a smooth-finished hot roller on thin or fine hair.

  • Size: Larger and medium barrelsThe larger the barrel of your hot rollers, the bigger your curls will appear. Fine and thin hair are candidates for large hot rollers because this will create more volume in the hair. Also, curled fine and thin hair are more likely to drop and turn wavy earlier on in the day. Bigger curls will not look as messy when they drop and will hold their shape longer.
  • Heat Settings: Lower heat settingsThin, fine, and damaged hair do not require as much heat as thick hair to curl. More than that, these types of hair are more likely to sustain damage when temperatures are too hot.
  • Clips: Non-invasiveIt is important that you don’t use thick, squeezing clips on your hair to hold the hot rollers in place. This is because thin and fine hair can easily be creased. It would be a shame to go through the process of styling your hair only to find kinks and crinkles in it later.

The Best Hot Rollers For Thick Hair

Women with thicker or curl-resistant hair should look for more powerful features. These are some of the things to look for in hot rollers if you have thick hair

best hot rollers for thick hair

  • Material: Wax coreHot rollers made with a wax core tend to hold heat longer. Though the overall process of doing your hair will take a little extra time, more exposure to heat will help your hair take on the curl shape and hold it longer.
  • Finish: RibbedWith thick hair it is better to use a ribbed finished hot roller kit. This is because the ribbed texture helps you to remove curlers (once they have cooled) from thick hair that has been wrapped around the hot roller a lot.
  • Size: Larger, medium or small barrelsThick hair is versatile and can hold any size of curl. Keep in mind that larger barrels create more volume, so if you have a lot of thick hair you may avoid larger sized barrels.
  • Heat Settings: Hotter heat settingsThick hair is more resistant to damage by heat. Furthermore, it requires more heat to get through all of the layers wrapped around the hot roller, and therefore requires more heat. The longer the heat holds, the better.
  • Clips: Any clipsThick hair does not easily take on imprints from clips, and clips that directly squeeze the hair do not jeopardize the look of your curls.

Reviews Of The 3 Best Hot Rollers Around


1. Infiniti Pro Hot Rollers by Conair


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  • If you have thicker hair this Conair set may be the best hot rollers for you! That’s because it comes with 20 different hot rollers varying in size from 1 1/4 inch to 1 inch to 3/4 inch! I like having a variety of sizes because you can create different looks. My favorite way to combine the different sizes is to place the thicker hot rollers on the bottom layers of hair and the smaller hot rollers on the top layers. This definitely adds volume but, more importantly, it also creates a glamorous curly look.
  • This set heats up in about 2 minutes—great for busy girls!—and its ceramic surface holds this heat for quite a while. This set is special because it has 12 different temperature settings. So, this set is great for thick hair, but also has settings for thin hair. It’s one of the most versatile sets!


2. Hot Rollers – Ionic, Instant Heat by Campbell Mcauley


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  • This set of 12 hot rollers is highly ribbed to hold hair in place and to make removal gentler and easier. These ribs are patterned perfectly and won’t leave kinks and crinkles in your finished hair.
  • This set is also ideal for traveling because it is lightweight, doesn’t take up much room, and comes with a compact carrying case. Each of the hot rollers are 1 or 1.2 inches—medium circumference), which is perfect for adding volume and style.
  • These 12 hot rollers heat up with ionic technology, which is a major benefit. Ionic technology uses charged particles to remove moisture and heat hair efficiently and effectively. Ionic hot rollers heat up evenly for perfect curls.
  • This set also comes with clips that gently grab over the entire hot roller (rather than fastening over only the hair) and will not leave marks on your hair once removed. These hot rollers are great for both thin and thick hair!


3. Castila Tools Ion Hot Rollers


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  • If you have thin hair, you may consider getting a set of hot rollers with a circumference of around
  • This set of hot rollers may be good for thin hair. The rollers are medium-seized, allowing you to create volume! Not to mention, these also heats up with ionic technology, which has really helped my hair hold curls longer. The clips do not make imprints on your hair, but instead grab gently around the hot roller. This set takes about 3 minutes to heat up, which is great for when I’m in a rush!


All of these hot roller sets are great—I really recommend them!—but only one set can be the best hot rollers around. Of course, your hair type determines which ones are the best hot rollers for you, but one of these sets has it all. The Infiniti Pro by Conair is my absolute favorite set.

These hot rollers are highly versatile because you can control the temperature of the rollers, mix and match roller sizes, and I’ve always had beautiful results. That’s thanks to the ceramic surface, which holds heat pretty well and, as a bonus, it also adds shine to your hair! Conair has the best hot rollers around! Say goodbye to curling iron burns and try out some hot rollers!

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