Best Hair Clippers for Men

Are you looking to save some money by cutting your hair at home? Many men have started buying professional-quality hair clippers for home use, and for good reason. Even the most expensive clippers will often pay for themselves in only a few months, and less expensive clippers are great for small touch-ups between haircuts at a salon. But what are the best clippers to buy? We’ve looked at some of the best clippers for sale on Amazon, and here’s what we found.

Our Picks: Top Hair Clippers for Men

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

1. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

Oster Classic 76 clippers are one of the best-selling hair clippers available on Amazon, and it’s not hard to see why. They are made of solid, durable materials and compare to the clippers that most barbers use. In fact, some barbers use these specific clippers for clients in their chairs. They are a bit on the heavy side, due to the higher quality materials, and this can be a bit cumbersome for those who are less familiar with home hair cutting.

However, they do offer excellent cutting abilities, even through thick hair. These clippers are truly in a class above other clippers in this price range, as long as you can handle the heavier weight and sharper blades. These will require a steady hand to operate, and unfortunately they don’t come with the plastic guide combs that other clippers in this price range usually do, but trust us – they are worth the extra purchase if you’re looking for the best.

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2. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

If you’re looking for cordless clippers, the Philips Norelco QC5580 is an exceptional set that works wonders, even when the user is cutting their own hair. Unlike many other clippers, the shaving head rotates a full 180 degrees (in a series of individual clicks), meaning that you can shave even the hardest-to-reach areas with ease. It’s particularly skilled at giving bald guys the grooming advantage they want. There aren’t as many cutting lengths as some other clippers, but if you’re going for a bald look, these are one of the best electric clippers for hair and face on the market.

Of course, when using corded clippers, the charge time and run time are important things to think about. Thankfully, these clippers charge from dead in around an hour, which will give you an equal hour of cuts. You probably won’t be able to do more than one or two bald heads per charge, and we wish the display would show the battery level the entire time, rather than just when the battery was low. Still, these clippers are one of the better ones, showcasing some of the amazing advancements in the hair cutting world over the last few years.

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3. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit

The Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit gives a great balance between the professional quality clippers that salons use and the cheap clippers you can get from your local stores. Wahl is one of the leading brands in the industry, and these clippers are a great entry-level offering that puts Wahl clippers into the hands of the average beginner. They are a bit on the heavier side, but generally we find that this means they’re more durable, although you may need to take more frequent breaks, particularly if you’re not used to cutting hair.

One of our favorite features about this set, and something that sets it apart from the rest, is that it comes with a helpful informational DVD to make sure you know what you’re doing before you start, as well as showing several haircuts that are easy enough for beginners (and even covering the maintenance of the style between trims). This DVD even tells the history of electromagnetic clippers, which isn’t exactly a necessary feature, but it is quite interesting. There are even multiple guide combs included for a variety of different styles and textures.

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4. Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

While the other clippers on this list focus mainly on the head, the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer excels at all parts of the body, including arms, chests, and beards. This trimmer will get close to the skin without causing the irritation that razors do, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin who’d like to leave razor bumps behind. (Please note that bikini trimming should be done with a manual razor, but everything else is fair game with the T-Outliner Trimmer.)

We loved that this worked equally well for fades, leg-shaving, and cleaning up a balding look to be just a little more “intentional”. Many units sold as far back as 2012 (and before) are still fully operational in 2016, which tells us that they are durable as well – always a great feature in clippers, but hard to find in ones so inexpensive. The blades are adjustable, but there are no included attachments. We found them unnecessary, but those who prefer using cutting guides will need to buy them separately. Overall, Andis has been in business for almost 100 years, and the T-Outliner fits right in with Andis’ incredible reputation.

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  • Things to Consider


You might think that all blades are about the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. High-carbon steel blades are often self-sharpening, while zirconium oxide blades are highly durable. In the end, the blade material you choose is largely a matter of personal preference, but you should be sure that your blades are serviceable or replaceable in case something happens.


The three main types of hair clipper motors are pivot, rotary, or magnetic. There are benefits and drawbacks to each style, but most people will find that they have a favorite. Pivot motors are quiet, but tend to vibrate more. Rotary motors are lightweight, while offering a lot of power. Magnetic clippers are much louder, but also cut much faster.


Many clippers come as part of a set that includes a variety of attachments and extras. While these can be useful, they may include attachments that you won’t use (and often can be purchased individually for a lower cost). Keep in mind that many of the attachments that come included in these sets may remain unused if you are only cutting your own family’s hair, and buy a set that meets your individual needs.

Weight and Size:

Heavier clippers are often made of more durable materials, but they can become cumbersome to hold if you’ll be cutting a lot of hair. Those with smaller hands might not be able to hold larger clippers, either, which means that you may need to take more frequent breaks. Keep these in mind when choosing your clippers, and try to go for a balance.

Corded or Cordless:

Generally, corded clippers have more consistent power than cordless clippers, but you must be near an outlet. Cordless clippers are easier to transport, but are likely to lose power if you do more than one haircut per charge. Some clippers offer the ability to adapt them to suit everyone, but these are often more expensive, and the adaptor packs will need to be purchased separately.


In most cases, a more expensive set of clippers will be made from better materials, or will contain better accessories. However, as with any other online purchases, it’s important to understand your budget and not spend more than you can afford. For those on less strict of a budget, it’s still important to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Customer Reviews:

You should always check what current customers are saying about the clippers before buying, because the manufacturers can make a number of claims, but the customers will be able to verify if the information is correct or not. Additionally, they might let you know additional details that may not be listed on the product description.

Our Pick for Best Overall: Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

While all of the clippers on our list today blew our expectations out of the water, the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer offered an incredible amount of versatility and value in an inexpensive and compact package. If you’re looking for something that can easily handle leg hair, thin hair, African American hair, arm hair, or any other hair you can think of, these Andis trimmers give the most bang for the buck and are likely to last for many years of home haircuts.

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