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DIY Treatment for Damaged Hair

A damaged hair can make a big difference in your life. It can make or break your self-confidence. It can also give positive or negative effects in your physical appearance. There are many factors that can damage your hair. Some of these factors are dust, wind, heat, using the wrong shampoo, conditioner, hair dye and […]

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10 Short Haircuts Perfect For You

The most important accessory¬†that adds the real charm and beauty to your looks is your hairdo. A Beautiful hairstyle can sharpen the edges of your look and actually change your overall appearance. A classy hairstyle can turn the heads of not only men but also women. Whether you have long lustrous hair, medium bounce, or […]

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Fruits That Are Good for Your Hair

It is said that the hair is a crowning glory and it adds an appeal to the look of an individual. What if your hair becomes dry and dull? There are many factors that affect the appearance of your hair such as the hair care products, hair care treatment, and even the environmental elements. Maintaining […]

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Eggs and Hair Care Benefits

Home remedies for various hair care problems are great alternatives to the things you buy in the mall or drugstores. Using drugstore shampoos, treatments, hair masks, and the likes, which are all made of different synthetic chemicals, may have detrimental effects on your body. These chemicals could induce allergies, falling hair, and other unwanted side […]

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