10 Short Haircuts Perfect For You

The most important accessory that adds the real charm and beauty to your looks is your hairdo. A Beautiful hairstyle can sharpen the edges of your look and actually change your overall appearance. A classy hairstyle can turn the heads of not only men but also women. Whether you have long lustrous hair, medium bounce, or short pixies, choose a haircut that best suits your overall look.

We have got here 10 best short haircuts for you which you can surely refer before you get a new haircut. Choose one of these, and let your hair show the magical appeal.

Best short haircuts for women:

1. Long Bob cut

Hair dress up


Bob haircut is always in vogue (so you don’t have to worry about running out of trend). Simple yet stylish, graduated bob cut in layers suits your face, especially if you have a heart-shaped face. The layers length in front gives an illusion of long hair and also reflects good volume. So, get ready to rock and roll with this Jennifer Aniston inspired hairstyle.

2. Layered shaggy haircut

This girl is rocking her hairstyle to the fullest.


A good way to look messy as well as furbish is to adopt this hairdo. Skillfully cut layers boost the volume of your hair, and if you have a flat long face it will broaden your chin’s look. Even the bangs add volume to the forehead. Get ready to shine amongst your friends this season.

3. Sleek short crop haircut

The girl's look is clean yet elegant.


One of the hairstyles that require less maintenance and no frequent trimming is sleek crop cut. Perfect for any facial shape, this hairstyle is best as it has movement, voluminous look, and it is best complemented with bangs.

4. Wavy layered short haircut

wavy layered crop


One of the cheeky and sexy hairstyles that suit any facial shape, especially to the ones who have thin hair, is wavy layered crop cut. Chop your hair in layers which give them the wavy look to boost the volume, and wear some side bangs that will complete your look.

5. Pixie cut with bangs

The girl is rocking this sleek cut; it's beyond perfection.


The pixie cut is one of the cutest cut that a girl can wear for this style. It suits the best to the one who carries cute features. The wearer of this style is the one who reflects top notch confidence. It is best suitable for a round shape face or a slightly oval face as depicted in the image above. This cut volumizes the hair on top making the face looks longer, and the side bangs just provide the needed touch to complete the look.

6. Short layered curls

This adds a different edge to your overall look this season.


The best haircut that adds volume throughout the head is having short layered curls. It distributes the weight throughout and is befitting to a woman with a long face as it drags the attention from it.

7. Side swept bangs short straighten hair

Sleek and chic is what this hairstyle can add to your look.


The exact opposite to curls is having your hair straightened. A perfect haircut for a woman with a heart shaped and an oval face. Go for this haircut if you have good hair volume so that it doesn’t appear too thin when straightened. A slight variation can be done like adding some layers for a modern touch.

8. Blunt bob with bangs

This Cleopatra inspired look is perfect for parties and night outs.


It is a great style for women with square and round-shaped faces. Bob blunt works well if you have a slight wavy hair (i.e. not much curly nor sticky straight hair). This hairdo is usually chin length and the bangs in front add a good amount of volume making it a style statement amongst your friends.

9. Modern bouffant for short hair

This style will give you a vintage look.


The charismatic retro bouffant is now revamped to give a modern bouffant look which is most appropriate for a triangle-shaped face. The narrow forehead and the wide jaw is beautifully balanced with this hairdo. Needless to say, a hairstyle that best reflects a voluminous look.

10. Mohawk can work short hairdo

This hairstyle is perfect for bold personality.


A bold and modern style statement which requires the least maintenance is to have a  Mohawk cut. Just put some gel around and raise the spikes in front, or simply keep your hair long and go for an undercut.

Adopt any of these styles and create a style statement of your own. Remember, whether long, medium, or short hair, you are gorgeous the way you are. Have a happy hair day!

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