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10 Hairstyles That Will Ruin Your Hair

Almost all people are into fashion nowadays. This is clearly evident in the pictures they upload in different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This is particularly common with women, from their clothes to their shoes, bags, and even hairstyles!

There are different hairstyles that you can try to make you look fabulous all the time, but you should be very cautious in choosing the right hairstyles as there are some that can seriously damage your hair instead.

Here are 10 hairstyles that can ruin your hair:

1. Pony tail with a tight elastic hair tie

Pony tail hairstyle is probably one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles there is. With just a simple twist of the hair tie, you can already have this look. The danger with this hairstyle is when you use a tight hair tie, especially if you constantly do it every single day. This will not only damage the strand of your hair, but it will also damage your hair roots. Some girls even say that they get occasional headaches due to the tightness of the hair tie.

2. Pretty Frizz

This Carrie Bradshaw inspired frizz can be quite a hairstyle, but if you do not want your hair tips to be easily damaged because of the messy frizz, then do not think of trying it. Also, this type of hairstyle will look totally disastrous for the girls with thick strands.

3. Slicked Back

This hairstyle definitely looks good in parties and red carpet events. It creates a very sophisticated and clean look that will focus people’s attention to your face, but don’t get carried away because this hairstyle can seriously damage your hair. That hair does not just stand on its own! Of course, there are some hairsprays and blowers involved.

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4. Tight braid

Braids may be a top hairstyle this year, but it will do no good to your hair. No matter how lovely you look after having a pretty braid, if it damages your hair, then it is not worth it. You can do occasional braids but make it loose.

5. Messy Bun

Not only does this hairstyle mess up the natural waves of your hair, it also creates friction at the hairline because of the force in twisting your hair. Though this hairstyle may give you a sexy and sultry look, it is not worth to risk your overall hair care.

6. Chic Chevron

Most brides would prefer the elegant twist of the chevron hairstyle. This is indeed a very chic hairstyle to make you look fabulous on your special day, but one down side of this hairstyle is the numerous bobby pins inserted in your hair to hold the twist. Bobby pins, even how tiny they are, can create friction in different parts of your hair. It can also be a little painful because of the tugging at the hairline area. This is only suitable for short night out parties and small events.

7. Ballerina Updo

This type of hairstyle is commonly used in the runway. This will make you look clean and sleek. However, this hairstyle can be quite harmful for your gorgeous hair as it can forcibly tug your hair upward. This hairstyle looks and surely feels painful!

Ballerina bun

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8. Dreadlocks

Sure, you look cool with this reggae kind of hairstyle, but the amount of pressure it gives to your hair roots is horrible. Not everyone is cut to have this outrageous hairstyle. By the name itself, it really is a dreadful hairstyle to try. With just one look at those tightly tied locks, you can already guess the amount of headache you might get.

9. Iron-flat hairstyle

Natural straight hair can be pretty amazing, but not all girls are blessed with this kind of hair. Some have unattractive wavy curls that need to be tamed. This is when the hair iron can be quite helpful, but don’t overdo it. Ironing your hair often can make your strands really dry and eventually frizzy.

10. Rubber band braid

This hairstyle might look cute for your little girls, but the amount of pain you can get from all that tugging is absolutely awful. Plus, it is quite difficult to undo all those small elastic bands from your hair.

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