a perfect braid for every special ocassion

10 Braids You Must Try

In a fast forward world that we are currently living in, it is no longer surprising that trends, in all forms, are formed in just a spur of the moment. Hairstyle trend is one of these things. According to a recent study, around 70% of the girls give extra attention to their hair, from haircare products to top trending hairstyles.

There are a lot of trending hairstyles that you can search in the internet. One of these hairstyles is the braid. Braids are quite popular not only to the teens but also to adult females. From A-list Hollywood celebrities to ordinary surfer girls, these hair trends  are definitely a must-try.

If you are among those who like to experiments with your hair a bit, you might want to consider these 10 braids that will certainly give the looks that you have always wanted.

1. French braid

This is one of the earliest types of braid made popular even before the word braid existed. This is a simple braid made by three sections of hair that are twisted together in the middle. The French braid is the perfect one for a quick hairstyle in the morning. You can do this hairstyle in just a minute!

2. Elsa braid

With the release of the Disney movie “Frozen” in 2013, this Elsa braid certainly is the newest trend for girls across different ages. This boho-like braid is definitely an eye catcher that everyone can’t help but notice. This braid starts loosely from the top of your hair and continues down to the side of your shoulder.

3. Rose braid

This type of braid may a little bit of a hassle and takes time to do, but the end result is totally worth it. Braid a portion of your hair on both sides and meet them at the center. Twist one braid to imitate the look of a rose. Loosen the sides of the untwisted brain to add that boho vibe.

a perfect hairstyle that never goes out of style

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4. Waterfall braid

This braid is definitely a must-try. The braid is twisted lightly to avoid painful friction. Though this braid is not tight enough to hold for a long time, it can be secured with tiny pins for stronger hold. You can also try the sideswept one for a change.

5. Fishtail braid

Who haven’t heard of the fishtail braid? This type of braid has been making rounds in different social media sites for quite some time. Even after over a year, this braid remains one of the favorites. This fishtail braid will definitely give you that bohemian hairstyle that you have always longed for.

6. Crown braid

This hairstyle has given certain celebrities a fashionable and classy look in various magazine covers. You can never go wrong with a Swedish inspired crown hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for simple dinners or for just a relaxing stroll in the park.

7. Upside down French braid

If you wanted something different for a change, this upside down French braid is the perfect choice. Instead of the conventional French braid that starts at the top of your head, this one starts at the bottom instead. A clean top-knot at the top of your hair gives it a classy and sleek look at the front, but with a little bit of a character at the back.

8. Headband braid

This headband braid can be styled across your forehead to give you that ultimate bohemian look! There is no need to collect those pieces of headbands for your hair. All you need is just a small portion of your hair.

9. Loop braid

This type of braid may look a little bit difficult to do, but once you get the hang of it, you can finish it in less than 3 minutes. The intricate twists and overlapping of your hair create an amazing design that is perfect for special occasions.

 a perfect braid for every special ocassion

Photo Source: http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/category/waterfall-braids/

10. Rock star braid

Chanel out the rock star in you with this rock star braid! You can do it with just one braid on the top or several tiny braids on both sides of your head. This is absolutely a fun hairstyle to try this season!

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